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Amestecul fabulos de miere de albine si usturoi. Vezi ce afectiune trateaza!

8 Octombrie 2014
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Combinatia miere cu usturoi poate fi folosita drept sirop de tuse.
Zdrobeste patru catei curatati de usturoi. Amesteca-i apoi cu o lingurita de miere.
Ia cate o lingurita de sirop de usturoi cu miere de trei ori pe zi.
Amestecul de usturoi si miere este eficient si in tratarea gatului sensibil.


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Jeanine  | #4446
Wow, I can't beat Terri's comment even toguhh I think you're incredibly fabulous!!! I do wish you a happy anniversary! I love the tradition that you have started super cute. I can't wait to hear where you are going this year stop the suspense already! We are celebrating six years this year too I remember we got married right about the same time. P.S. I wore a Panhellenic t-shirt yesterday. yeah, I did.
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